Income Tax Services

At Vitae® Tax, our team of knowledgeable tax professionals and experienced reviewers are available all year round to help prepare your tax return

Through a personalized experience, you can rest assured that we maximized every opportunity available to you. Our unique review process ensures that no opportunity is missed!

Ultimately, a properly prepared tax return will minimize the probability of a government tax audit. In the event of an audit, a properly documented tax return will minimize the probability of an additional tax assessment.

Our Personal Tax Preparation Services include:

  • Individual Tax Preparation: Federal, State and Local Enjoy peace of mind knowing your tax returns are analyzed by expert tax preparers, ensuring you are maximizing all available tax benefits.
  • Tax Consulting & Planning: Like everything else in life, we can’t expect desired results without timely planning. Taxes are no exception. Let Vitae® Tax be your proactive guide and provide you with accurate tax advice.
  • Home or Real Estate Buying Tax Consultation: Our acumen and knowledge allow us to design a plan to help minimize any tax impact, including coordination with IRC Section 1031 accommodators, etc.
  • Prior Year Tax Returns: Are you behind in filing prior year tax returns? If so, do not despair. Put your mind at ease and let us help you catch up! We can help you get current by gathering government transcripts and organizing all pertinent documentation to ensure quality tax filings.

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